About Us

we are

So who are we? Well, we like to think of ourselves as The ‘no-such-thing-as-can’t’ Sourcing Team or The ‘wow, where-did-you-find-that?’ Sourcing Team. Why? Because behind our name lies an enthusiastic can-do and intelligent attitude that means for the last 19 years we have been designing,manufacturing, sourcing and supplying creative and highly effective premium, modern technology products.

Our vision - is to be the most trusted & respected global supplying & sourcing company, working to the best ethical & sustainable procurement practices, providing creative,technologically advanced yet affordable products to our global corporate clients.

Established in 2002 with a blend of procurement and marketing experience, we have an enthusiastic “can-do” attitude to product solutions. We are committed to our core values in Ethicability, product compliance and sustainability. Providing all your product needs, from the everyday products – to totally unique bespoke designs. We are working with major global corporate clients and some of the most exciting consumer brands.

We are qualified in supply chain management and have 15 years of expertise in managing reputational risk. Established members of key trade associations – Asia, UK, Europe and USA, industry members to CIPS, IOD and IPM.

So if you are looking for innovation and excellence from a partner of Technology products – then look no further!

we do

Creating & Sourcing – we love it. If it's out there we'll find it, and if it's not we'll design and create it ourselves. Because we're totally committed to providing innovative, high-quality products to support your technology marketing, direct marketing, PR, exhibition and event activity. From the every-day to the extraordinary.

We don't do run-of-the-mill business . We do 'do' a complete sourcing service that not only offers a carefully selected range of high-quality ready-to-go catalogue items, but innovative and original bespoke solutions too... and all things in between. We literally do go to the ends of the earth to find the right products and suppliers, and over the years have forged strong relationships internationally with the best in the business.
And we do it ethically. We aim to include an eco solution with all our responses without any compromise on quality. And we try to ensure that all our items are 'human friendly' too. What's more, we don't just take someone's word for it - we audit factories and check appropriate certification ourselves. Because in this, as in all things, we believe that a responsible, long-term and hands-on approach works out better for everybody


We pride ourselves on our friendly yet professional approach, taking excellent care of our customers throughout the buying process. We ensure that all our partner suppliers share our ethical and environmental ideals and we work together to create new and exciting products that meet all conformity and safety requirements.

An excellent indication to our customer service and satisfaction is the growth of key account customers and continued repeat business, in addition, client recommendation has derived the majority of our new clients. We believe in building long term relationships through a mix of service, creativity, value and commitment.

We work with a range of organisations both private and public sector through to major blue chip clients; including Walmart,Snapdeal,Fortune Marketing to name a few and, we also work with all types of marketing agencies; on trade, b2b and consumer promotions


The Ultimate vision

Acting as the medium for the World's own brand, summing up our experience in Global Business, Opening a channel for technology transfer, and keeping the role of the most reliable PC/Mobile/Electronic/Security Solution Provider in the World.